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Translation, writing an article, editing and proofreading, teaching English and Russian - MicroTask Service
Translation Provider USD 100 / 100 words
I can translate your documents into Russian, Ukrainian, English and Turkish. I can write your scientific articles. I can edit and proofread your translated documents or articles. I can teach ...
English and Spanish Translation - MicroTask Service
Translation Provider USD 10 / 100 words
11 days ago Remote 32
Skills: Translation English Spanish
I offer expert translation services, from Spanish to English and vice-versa, to help you accurately convey your message across different cultures. With a keen eye for detail and a deep ...
Let Me Teach You English - MicroTask Service
English teacher USD 20 / Hour
last month Remote 101
Skills: English Reading Writing Listening Skills
Having previously taught English to students from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds, I understand the unique challenges and rewards of teaching foreign learners. My approach focuses on ...
Data entry services - MicroTask Service
Data Entry USD 10 / 100 words
I can provide typing services with a flexible schedule. I have excellent verbal and communication skills with sufficient grammatical knowledge. I can type approximately 60 words per ...
Captcha Typing Job - MicroTask Service
Data Entry USD 10 / 100 words
2 months ago Remote 141
Skills: English Typing
I can do online typing job for you. I also offer English editing like checking grammar and ...
Translation - MicroTask Service
Translation Provider USD 200 / Task
Seamless translation across multiple languages. Whether you're traveling abroad, conducting business with international clients, or simply seeking to communicate with friends from diverse ...
Typing jobs - MicroTask Service
Data Entry USD 10 / Task
I offer captcha typing jobs, English translations, transcription jobs, English tutorials, and data ...
Data entry, AI data labeling - MicroTask Service
Data Entry USD 25 / Hour
As an AI Data Labeler, my responsibilities included: Accurately labeling and annotating data according to predefined criteria and guidelines. Reviewing and verifying data for accuracy and ...
Report writing/data capturing/online jobs - MicroTask Service
Data Entry USD 20 / Task
Ability to produce reports based on criteria as per request Translations video to subtitle Data capturing 100% accurate Costs may vary Price per day or per task depending ...
I would love to get this job. - MicroTask Service
Translation Provider USD 10 / Task
Good day! This Project sounds really exciting. I would like to know more. I am a quick to learn and willing to adapt to any job. ...
Captcha typing  - MicroTask Service
Virtual Assistant USD 15 / 100 words
I am desiring to do any work which is online for example: typing, captcha typing, data entry, email sending and so on. For this one, I am doing captcha typing. In captcha typing I will type the ...
Data Entry - MicroTask Service
Data Entry USD 53.69 / Task
A highly motivated individual seeking an Entry-Level Data Entry opportunity. Eager to assist and organize data more efficiently to increase its ...
Data Entry - MicroTask Service
Accountant USD 10 / 1000 words
6 months ago Remote 171
Skills: English
I am offering you and responsible for transferring data from paper formats into computer files or database systems. Their transfer of data happens manually or using scanners, type in customers' ...
I will do microsoft excel formulas, pivot table, data cleaning - MicroTask Service
Data Entry USD 10 / Task
8 months ago Remote 282
Skills: Fluent in English
Welcome to my MS Excel Gig! As a certified Excel expert, I have a wealth of experience in helping individuals and businesses unlock the full potential of Excel for data management, analysis, and ...
Proofreader \ Copywriter  - MicroTask Service
Other USD 10 / 100 words
9 months ago Remote 340
Skills: Proofreading and editing English
Ensuring that your whole document ties together coherently is important especially when there's no way to do it again in the middle of the day and you've just received a last minute change. I ...
English and french teaching  - MicroTask Service
English teacher USD 20 / Hour
I can teach you both languages english and french including the vocabulary and grammar with all the necessary rules from A to Z ...
Editor  - MicroTask Service
Writer/Editor USD 10 / 100 words
2 years ago Remote 485
Skills: English editing
I shall edit your documents, articles and essays for final submission. I shall make necessary corrections in your composition in order to make it fluent. ...
English Tutoring - MicroTask Service
Tutoring USD 25 / Lesson
2 years ago Remote 498
Skills: Tutor English Tutor
I offer English tutoring from reading to writing. I am also offering service for English related tasks such as proper grammar, translations, proofreading and basic English communication and ...
Proofreading - MicroTask Service
Writer/Editor USD 10 / Task
2 years ago Remote 553
Skills: Proofreading Reading Writing English
Proofreading writing and giving grammatical corrections. Can also give opinions on writing if wanted. ...
Typing job - MicroTask Service
Other USD 10 / 1000 words
2 years ago Remote 1316
Skills: Typing English Fast typing
Can transcribe movie, audio or un/readable handwritten notes into written files. Just contact me and I can be of service. ...