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 Work a  Captcha Typing and  Data Entry expart - MicroTask Service
Other USD 10 / 100 words
I am available for any type of freelancing job I do Typing | Captcha | Data Entry | Logo Design and much more I am highly skilled person with multitasking brain I do 10 persons work ...
Service - MicroTask Service
Other USD 100 / Task
Hi there, I would like to offer my service in any categories. I am very passionate at my work and I can work under ...
Remote Captcha Typing Job - MicroTask Service
Other USD 10 / 100 words
last month Remote 135
Skills: Typing
I am offering a remote captcha typing job. I can type a minimum of 25 words per minute as ...
I'm offering my typing skills. - MicroTask Service
Other USD 10 / Task
2 months ago Remote 72
Skills: Typing Skills
it's either a captcha or whole paragraph. It's up to you what would you preferred whatever you want me to do about what to ...
Proofreader \ Copywriter  - MicroTask Service
Other USD 10 / 100 words
5 months ago Remote 236
Skills: Proofreading and editing English
Ensuring that your whole document ties together coherently is important especially when there's no way to do it again in the middle of the day and you've just received a last minute change. I ...
Proofreading  - MicroTask Service
Other USD 10 / 100 words
5 months ago Remote 180
Skills: Proofreading \ editing
I have a great eye for detail especially where grammar and spelling are involved. I'm a fast reader and available at short ...
I'll moderate your discord/telegram/facebook server or anything needs moderating - MicroTask Service
Other USD 30 / Delivery
5 months ago Remote 165
Skills: Moderator Admin Manager Management
Hey, if you need a moderator in your server, in discord, or telegram, or even needing an ADMIN for facebook to keep out the trollers out of making trouble, look no futher! I can do it for ...
Transcription  - MicroTask Service
Other USD 10 / Lesson
6 months ago Remote 204
Discover our world-class English transcription service that combines excellence, affordability, and a friendly touch. Our team of skilled transcribers ensures accurate and timely transcriptions ...
Parenting Advise - MicroTask Service
Other USD 40 / Lesson
Our parenting advice service offers a unique perspective from an autistic parent with a background in mental health and emergency care. With firsthand parenting experience and a deep ...
I accept weird requests - MicroTask Service
Other USD 20 / Task
10 months ago Remote 334
Skills: Task Taker
Humans are weird. We know that. Sometimes, we don't even understand ourselves and just do things that can be regarded as retardation according to society. Surprise ...
I do Sound Effects - MicroTask Service
Other USD 10 / Task
10 months ago Remote 205
Skills: Foley Artist
I accept request for sounds in categories such as: -Nature -Rural area -People -Household Maximum time: 3 ...
Creating accounts - MicroTask Service
Other USD 10 / Task
Hello! I have an offer for you: Main task: Creating accounts Main requirements: Access to PC, laptop or smartphone; A girl; Resident of the USA. You will be paid for every account ...
transcription - MicroTask Service
Other USD 10 / 1000 words
I will transcribe and edit any audition material to either Swahili, English, or German and ...
Essay writing - MicroTask Service
Other USD 15 / Hour
last year Remote 417
Skills: essay writing
I provide the service of essay writing. if you are interesting so contact with me. my no is ...
offers writing an eassy with 200-500 words on 2 hours - MicroTask Service
Other USD 10 / 100 words
last year Remote 379
Skills: Eassy writer
This task offers writing an essay with 200-500 words. Its cost depends on every 100 words, having 10 US dollars each. This would include the essay title that fits the topic of ...
Eassy writer - MicroTask Service
Other USD 10 / 100 words
last year Remote 372
Skills: Eassy writer
2 hours fast service 200-500 words in 10doller relax to other siad the best way to find potential consmer ...
Essay Writer - MicroTask Service
Other USD 10 / 100 words
Quick and High Quality Works. I can write effevtive, expressive and unique. I can help you, I can assure you a reliable service and 100% ...
Online Companionship - MicroTask Service
Other USD 35 / Hour
Online chat with me!!! ; * chat online with me for one hour- the topic is your choice. Anything goes! Play a game of truth or dare! Whatever you ...
Typing job - MicroTask Service
Other USD 10 / 1000 words
2 years ago Remote 1215
Skills: Typing English Fast typing
Can transcribe movie, audio or un/readable handwritten notes into written files. Just contact me and I can be of service. ...
Transcription - MicroTask Service
Other USD 10 / Task
2 years ago Remote 878
Skills: Transcription translation
Transcribing any audio using advanced software allows me to examine the audio for meaning and make them out. I'm happy to work with inaudible recordings, background sounds, and more. My clients ...