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Data entry - MicroTask Service
Data Entry USD 10 / 100 words
Experienced and detail-oriented professional with a strong background in data entry. Possessing exceptional accuracy and efficiency, I am adept at handling large volumes of data while maintaining ...
Marketing - MicroTask Service
Online Marketing USD 25 / Task
last month Remote 34
Skills: Writing and editing
iam a professional author who has been writing about different topics and i have been in marketing business ...
Creating accounts - MicroTask Service
Other USD 10 / Task
Hello! I have an offer for you: Main task: Creating accounts Main requirements: Access to PC, laptop or smartphone; A girl; Resident of the USA. You will be paid for every account ...
ACCOUNTS - MicroTask Service
Accountant USD 15 / Task
Complete accounts such as preparing financial statements, such as balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow ...
Video editing like pictures, shortclip and etc. - MicroTask Service
Video Editor USD 10 / Task
Hi, I'm Jayzon. If you want some help regarding video editing like compilation pictures. You can rely on ...
Data Entry - MicroTask Service
Data Entry USD 25 / Hour
-Entering customer and account data from source documents within time limits. -Compiling, verifying accuracy, and sorting information to prepare source data for computer entry. -Reviewing data ...
data entry - MicroTask Service
Data Entry USD 13.5 / Task
I am offering data entry assistance to users. This means that I can assist with the task of entering and processing data into a system or database. I can quickly and accurately type in ...
English and french teaching  - MicroTask Service
English teacher USD 20 / Hour
I can teach you both languages english and french including the vocabulary and grammar with all the necessary rules from A to Z ...
Editor  - MicroTask Service
Writer/Editor USD 10 / 100 words
9 months ago Remote 208
Skills: English editing
I shall edit your documents, articles and essays for final submission. I shall make necessary corrections in your composition in order to make it fluent. ...
essay writing - MicroTask Service
English teacher USD 10 / Hour
i am good in typing.i can write essays very well. i will surely make you happy with my work. please hire me for a job thank you ...
essay writing - MicroTask Service
English teacher USD 10 / 100 words
10 months ago Remote 195
Skills: writing and typing
i am good in typing . i can serve you by writing essays .i will surely make you happy with my work and efforts. hire me for a job .thank ...
English Tutoring - MicroTask Service
Tutoring USD 25 / Lesson
10 months ago Remote 221
Skills: Tutor English Tutor
I offer English tutoring from reading to writing. I am also offering service for English related tasks such as proper grammar, translations, proofreading and basic English communication and ...
Proofreading - MicroTask Service
Writer/Editor USD 10 / Task
last year Remote 310
Skills: Proofreading Reading Writing English
Proofreading writing and giving grammatical corrections. Can also give opinions on writing if wanted. ...
Business Advice & Consulting - MicroTask Service
Brand Consultant USD 100 / Hour
Resolving your business’ recruitment & communications challenges so you can profit from clear communication to employees & considerate marketing to clients! I help you achieve this success by: ...
Typing job - MicroTask Service
Other USD 10 / 1000 words
last year Remote 1027
Skills: Typing English Fast typing
Can transcribe movie, audio or un/readable handwritten notes into written files. Just contact me and I can be of service. ...
Business Consultant  - MicroTask Service
Personal Finance Consultant USD 100 / Hour
Money talks. Run for money or run from money... The choice is yours . Business Booster, Typing , Data Entry , CSM , Handling and organizing Customer Service ...
Travel Plans - MicroTask Service
Event Organizer USD 250 / Task
I will set your entire vacation or travel accommodations start to finish. Print an iteniaray with local places to eat, amusements and attractions. I can create and offer up to 3 different ...
Tour Guide USD 15 / Hour
Translate documents from Spanish to English, or viceversa, English to Spanish Can help interpreting for Dr visits, church sermons, and other related intercepting services from Spanish to ...
Language Skills - MicroTask Service
English teacher USD 15 / Hour
Remote Language teaching Private Tutoring available English Language communication skills English Language writing skills English Language grammar ...
Graphic Design and Video Editing - MicroTask Service
Graphic Designer USD 10 / Hour
I will teach you Graphic Design from Basic to Advance by using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere ...