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Tutoring Services

Tutor/writing - MicroTask Service
Tutoring USD 20 / 100 words
I am tutor of a college students in three years. I am good at English writing, copy wrting, proofreading, ...
Essay writing for undergraduate medicine students - MicroTask Service
Tutoring USD 10 / Task
2 years ago Remote 433
Skills: writing teaching
writing essays for medicine students. Especially units such as anatomy, physiology, microbiology, biochemistry, and ...
English Tutoring - MicroTask Service
Tutoring USD 25 / Lesson
2 years ago Remote 452
Skills: Tutor English Tutor
I offer English tutoring from reading to writing. I am also offering service for English related tasks such as proper grammar, translations, proofreading and basic English communication and ...
Biology Coaching - MicroTask Service
Tutoring USD 15 / Hour
2 years ago Remote 474
Skills: Biology Coaching
I am offering Biology tutoring services to IGCSE and O, A level students. I can help them in preparing for final term board examinations and various entrance ...
Mathematics - MicroTask Service
Tutoring USD 30 / Hour
3 years ago Remote 849
Skills: Mathematical Answering
Specialize in the teaching of mathematics and advanced mathematics for Level 6 to 10. Sessions are conducted via Zoom. Free trial session is included so that I could understand the curriculum ...
Learn Revit MEP Online - MicroTask Service
Tutoring USD 100 / Lesson
4 years ago Remote 1566
Skills: HVAC modeling Drainage Modeling
Autodesk Revit MEP 3D modeling, Creating Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire service for BIM. Project requirements, Coordination, Clash Detection of the services, Basic Architecture and ...
Teaching/ Psychology counselling - MicroTask Service
Tutoring USD 60 / Hour
4 years ago Remote 1699
Skills: counselling
Teaching the English Language and literature for school children and spoken English for school leavers, executives, housewives etc and Psychology counselling for children and ...
Microsoft excel - Beginner to advanced - MicroTask Service
Tutoring USD 10 / Hour
4 years ago Remote 1644
Microsoft excel - Will cover all basics of excel with explaining each options in excel and how to use ...
Quraan Teacher - MicroTask Service
Tutoring USD 10 / Hour
4 years ago Remote 1739
Skills: Competent in Quraan Reading
I will teach you how to read the holy book of Allah almighty. In sha Allah within when you will recite the holy Quraan you will feel blessed ...
English and Math Tutoring for KG - 12th Grade - MicroTask Service
Tutoring USD 55 / Month
I can teach children English and Math to children from Kinder Garden to 12th Grade both remotely and in the house. The charges depends on the child's grade starting 25 each for KG per month and ...