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Proofreader \ Copywriter  - MicroTask Service
Other USD 10 / 100 words
Ensuring that your whole document ties together coherently is important especially when there's no way to do it again in the middle of the day and you've just received a last minute change. I ...
Proofreading  - MicroTask Service
Other USD 10 / 100 words
yesterday Remote 4
Skills: Proofreading \ editing
I have a great eye for detail especially where grammar and spelling are involved. I'm a fast reader and available at short ...
I'll moderate your discord/telegram/facebook server or anything needs moderating - MicroTask Service
Other USD 30 / Delivery
5 days ago Remote 22
Skills: Moderator Admin Manager Management
Hey, if you need a moderator in your server, in discord, or telegram, or even needing an ADMIN for facebook to keep out the trollers out of making trouble, look no futher! I can do it for ...
I'll edit your videos, Instagram,Tiktok,YouTube... - MicroTask Service
Video Editor USD 10 / Video
Hey my name is Abdelilah sound like first time hearing this name right? Well, nice to meet you, I'm offering to work for you as remote/virtual assistant, and help you with the service you need. ...
I'll be your Data Entry Virtual Assistant - MicroTask Service
Data Entry USD 10 / Page
I have experience in Excel,Word, I can do the time-consuming work that will take you time to organize, Feel free to message, and don't hesitate, I accept any kind of Data Entry jobs, Related ...
Data Analysis in Excel, SQL, XML, and other formats - MicroTask Service
Database consultant USD 10 / Hour
I have 20+ years experience in the data architecture and analysis fields working for large companies. I can help you with all your data needs. - Cleaning bad data to make it usable - Analyzing ...
Weird and unique tasks ,Excel Expertise ,Editing Services,Creative and professional writing,   - MicroTask Service
Virtual Assistant USD 10 / 100 words
At my microtask hub, I offer a unique blend of services that reflect my expertise and passion. As a Microsoft Excel specialist, I excel in advanced data analysis and automation. Additionally, I ...
"microsoft Excel expert, Creative Writing, Odd & Unusual Tasks"MLA,APA,CHICAGO,,, - MicroTask Service
Writer/Editor USD 10 / 100 words
Unlocking Microtask Marvels: Where the Extraordinary Meets the Unconventional! As your Microtask Maestro, I'm not just your typical Excel whiz and wordsmith. I'm an aficionado of the eccentric, ...
Transcription  - MicroTask Service
Other USD 10 / Lesson
24 days ago Remote 82
Discover our world-class English transcription service that combines excellence, affordability, and a friendly touch. Our team of skilled transcribers ensures accurate and timely transcriptions ...
Translation  - MicroTask Service
Translation Provider USD 10 / Lesson
24 days ago Remote 62
Introducing our world-class, affordable, and friendly English translator for micro tasks! Say goodbye to language barriers with precision, affordability, and ease. Experience seamless ...
English Translation and Teacher  - MicroTask Service
English teacher USD 10 / Lesson
24 days ago Remote 44
Skills: Translation
Meet our word class English teacher and translator for micro tasks! Affordable and friendly, they're your go-to language expert for quick and cost-effective language needs. Whether you need help ...
Entry data and writing - MicroTask Service
Writer/Editor USD 15 / Task
Making journals on all themes and all types of work related to scientific writing and research. of course at a very friendly price ...
Senior Accountant - MicroTask Service
Accountant USD 10 / Hour
last month Remote 45
Preparing an analysis for the interest and Match it with the Account statement for ( Overdraft &Term deposits & current Account ) and indicate if there is any discrepancies than the agreed ...
Article Writing - MicroTask Service
Writer/Editor USD 100 / 1000 words
2 months ago Remote 102
Skills: Article Writer
I can write SEO-focused and captivating articles for you. My goal is to provide high-quality content at the shortest turnaround time. ...
Minutes, transcription, research, proof-reading, copy editing, data entry - MicroTask Service
Virtual Assistant USD 26 / Hour
Cambridge educated English graduate, ten years' professional experience in writing and editing for banks, medicine, market research and other major industries, negotiable rates. Exemplary quality ...
Typing, data entry, writing research based articles  - MicroTask Service
Research Assistant USD 20 / Hour
I can provide cost effective Typing & Data Entry ( in management of accounts ) Services efficiently with an element of proofreading whereas Research Based Article can be submitted within 3 days ...
Data entry - MicroTask Service
Data Entry USD 10 / 100 words
Experienced and detail-oriented professional with a strong background in data entry. Possessing exceptional accuracy and efficiency, I am adept at handling large volumes of data while maintaining ...
Writing article, copy writing, Editing and Proofreading - MicroTask Service
Writer/Editor USD 10 / 100 words
As an aspiring professional in the online world, I bring a diverse range of skills to the table. With expertise in impeccable writing, SEO strategies, and digital research, I am equipped to ...
Parenting Advise - MicroTask Service
Other USD 40 / Lesson
Our parenting advice service offers a unique perspective from an autistic parent with a background in mental health and emergency care. With firsthand parenting experience and a deep ...
I accept weird requests - MicroTask Service
Other USD 20 / Task
5 months ago Remote 224
Skills: Task Taker
Humans are weird. We know that. Sometimes, we don't even understand ourselves and just do things that can be regarded as retardation according to society. Surprise ...