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Freelancing/Researching/Data Entry - MicroTask Service
Research Assistant USD 10 / Hour
Hello! I am a former Researcher/Research Assistant and Costumer Service Representative. With my former jobs, I have gained experiences which includes formulating a research paper, writing which ...
Data Entry  - MicroTask Service
Data Entry USD 10 / 100 words
19 days ago Remote 48
Skills: Data Entry Typing Jobs
I offer various clerical work that involves process like typing and entering data. -Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDF etc.- ...
Graphic design  - MicroTask Service
Graphic Designer USD 27 / Task
last month Remote 66
I can design any tape of logos and posters.I do digital art-illustrations and photo correction and editing. Knowledge: Photoshop and Illustrator. BA AKTO&Middlesex University ...
Proofreading - MicroTask Service
Writer/Editor USD 10 / Task
last month Remote 87
Skills: Proofreading Reading Writing English
Proofreading writing and giving grammatical corrections. Can also give opinions on writing if wanted. ...
Online Companionship - MicroTask Service
Other USD 35 / Hour
Online chat with me!!! ; * chat online with me for one hour- the topic is your choice. Anything goes! Play a game of truth or dare! Whatever you ...
Meal plan - MicroTask Service
Nutritionist USD 10 / One week meal plan
Hi! My name is Dahlia, I am a Nutrition and Dietetics student. I can give you a healthy and delicious meal plans that befits your fitness journey, your health journey or just for everyday meal ...
Business Advice & Consulting - MicroTask Service
Brand Consultant USD 100 / Hour
Resolving your business’ recruitment & communications challenges so you can profit from clear communication to employees & considerate marketing to clients! I help you achieve this success by: ...
Typing job - MicroTask Service
Other USD 10 / 1000 words
3 months ago Remote 682
Skills: Typing English Fast typing
Can transcribe movie, audio or un/readable handwritten notes into written files. Just contact me and I can be of service. ...
Transcription - MicroTask Service
Other USD 10 / Task
3 months ago Remote 323
Skills: Transcription translation
Transcribing any audio using advanced software allows me to examine the audio for meaning and make them out. I'm happy to work with inaudible recordings, background sounds, and more. My clients ...
DATA ENTRY & WRITING - MicroTask Service
Data Entry USD 40 / 1000 words
4 months ago Remote 690
Skills: writing data entry editing proofreading
Convert or encode any file format into your desired format. Write or review of article, book, academic ...
Medical Administration / Office management - MicroTask Service
Admin Executuve USD 30 / Hour
Investigative ability, highly organized, self-motivated, takes initiative, excellent written and verbal communication with analytical as well as critical thinking skills; able to perform without ...
Virtual/Remote Assistant - MicroTask Service
Virtual Assistant USD 10 / Hour
4 Years of Experience in Customer and tech support having IT educational background. Willing to work as a Virtual assistant in real estate or any other ...
Video Editing - MicroTask Service
Video Editor USD 10 / Task
Can create a video with expertise in cinematography, effects and templates. Can use of different video editing tools such Power Director, Capcut, ...
Data Entry - MicroTask Service
Data Entry USD 10 / Hour
Encoding in Microsoft Word Expert in Excel Creating Power points Expert in Microsoft Access for entering ...
Data encoder - MicroTask Service
Data Entry USD 10 / 1000 words
Excel or Word Data Entry Copy-Paste work Big Data Entry Photo Editing Web Research General Assistant Tasks Flexible Virtual assistant PDF to Excel or Word Typing in Excel or Word Data ...
I will copy type text from paper into Microsoft Word - MicroTask Service
Data Entry USD 10 / Delivery
5 months ago Remote 414
Skills: Copy Typing Data Entry. Typing
Hello! I can copy type your handwritten notes into either Microsoft Word or Google Docs. This will be in whichever font size and spacing you choose. All I will need is a file copy of your ...
Virtual Assistant/ Data Entry - MicroTask Service
Virtual Assistant USD 20 / Hour
5 months ago Remote 149
Virtual and Personal Assistant. Can assist in managing all aspects of your business or personal life. I can organize your calendar, make reservations, travel arrangements, pay personal bills, ...
Business Consultant  - MicroTask Service
Personal Finance Consultant USD 100 / Hour
Money talks. Run for money or run from money... The choice is yours . Business Booster, Typing , Data Entry , CSM , Handling and organizing Customer Service ...
Virtual Assistance - MicroTask Service
Virtual Assistant USD 10 / Hour
6 months ago Remote 213
Skills: Social media management
I am a trained virtual assistant who is skilled in data entry, products entry, appointment scheduling, and email ...
Song Beat Maker - MicroTask Service
Video Editor USD 20 / Task
6 months ago Remote 283
Skills: editor
I can make any type of song with nice visualizations.If you want i can make you choice music as a nice video with ...