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Audio Transcribing - MicroTask Service
Translation Provider USD 10 / 100 words
I offer Audio transcribing and other typing jobs just send me the details you need. I also do writing/editing and grammar ...
I'll edit your videos, Instagram,Tiktok,YouTube... - MicroTask Service
Video Editor USD 10 / Video
Hey my name is Abdelilah sound like first time hearing this name right? Well, nice to meet you, I'm offering to work for you as remote/virtual assistant, and help you with the service you need. ...
Tutor/writing - MicroTask Service
Tutoring USD 20 / 100 words
I am tutor of a college students in three years. I am good at English writing, copy wrting, proofreading, ...
I will proofread and edit your fantasy and horror stories - MicroTask Service
Writer/Editor USD 10 / 100 words
last year Remote 328
Skills: Editing Proofreading Editor
After reading your story or chapter enough, your eyes are starting to give out. You want to end this so you can move on with your life. No need to do this to yourself, let me look through your ...
Essay Writer - MicroTask Service
Writer/Editor USD 50 / 1000 words
2 years ago Remote 453
Skills: Writer Journalist Editor
Writing Essays for students, I can Write English/Tagalog Essays, I can finish 100 words every 10-40 ...
Song Beat Maker - MicroTask Service
Video Editor USD 20 / Task
2 years ago Remote 621
Skills: editor
I can make any type of song with nice visualizations.If you want i can make you choice music as a nice video with ...
Health advisor - MicroTask Service
Health Advisor USD 50 / Depends on the service needed.
In need of guidance? I can help you work through your health challenge(whatever it may be) step by step till we find a lasting ...
Data Entry - MicroTask Service
Data Entry USD 50 / Depends on the service needed.
I carry out fast and efficient data entry for corporate and non corporate organizations at cost effective ...
Teacher - MicroTask Service
English teacher USD 50 / Depends on the service needed.
I major in teaching English language to English and non English speakers. Requirements: be open to ...
Editor - MicroTask Service
Writer/Editor USD 50 / Depends on the service needed.
I edit English only works. These include articles, short story, Scripts,press briefings, case reports, presentations, essays ...