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Hello. I'm Ann. My native language is Russian. I study Chinese from 15 years old. When I was 20, i was invited by Chinese Embassy in my country to be a translator. At the beginning this job was a challenge for me, but working about 4 years at the Chamber of Commerce of Chinese Embassy I learned a lot of new things. For example translation of different contracts, articles of news, official letters, state and commercial agreements, technical and project documents etc. Now don't afraid of any difficulty, i am hardworking, goal-oriented and very responsible person, and the most important is that i like my job very much. I think to become a good translator is an art. I can propose to you my services, especially my qualified translation in written Chinese.

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Task Details

  • My budget: USD 20 / 1000 words
  • Required units: 1

  • Task starts on: September 16
  • Task ends on: September 17
  • Location: Odessa, Ukraine
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